In my life, I have played with many talented guitarist. However, when it comes to Mitch, there is something different about playing beside him on stage. He brings an energetic vibe not only with his superstar looks, but with a heart and a passion that transgresses the laws of music; I didn't name him “MR Rockin Roll” for nothing! Ive seen him close his eyes during a solo and man… you can feel it hit you! He has the integrity, the knowledge and the will to succeed in the music business. I'm sorry, but good guys do finish first! That's what I think. Rockin Roll brother! ”

— Danny Sylvestre, 2015 Grammy Nominee

When Mitch Mainville lets loose - LOOK OUT! He’s a passionate player that can really dial the energy up to ten and beyond!”

— JW-Jones, Juno Award Nominee, International Blues Challenge Winner.


Mitch’s teaching method is one that reflects a hands-on, specifically customized approach directly in concert to the student’s capacity to learn. He projects… ENTHUSIASM, KINDNESS & PATIENCE! ...And boy, we have fun! Moreover, he constantly gives positive feedback! What more can I say other than Mitch is a great teacher and well worth looking into.”

— Bob McCulloch

As a guitar teacher, Mitch Mainville comes by it naturally and effortlessly. His passion for music shines through during his lessons, as his ability to direct and teach is broken down to its simpleless form, making any new comer to feel at ease. Full of knowledge and passion, Mitch is able to pass along what he has learned to others while adding his own flavour to it. His patience and encouragement makes his students feel confident about what they are learning and eager and excited for each upcoming lesson. Never a dull moment, and an overall fulfilling experience at every lesson!”

— Mel Rail

I have worked with/taken guitar lessons from Mitch for approximately two years. He is a very sensitive and caring instructor in that he readily senses where difficulties may lie and how to overcome them, developing effective ways to progress. He is readily able to adapt his instruction to meet the needs of the individual student. He is inspiring and motivating, and when faced with lessons that seem to stand still, he is able to motivate and inspire. He is an extremely well-rounded individual who I would recommend to teach adult and child alike. He clearly has a great love for music and it is obvious that he wants to inspire that in his students as well! ”

— Cisela Thoren

I had been playing guitar for more than six years when I started lessons with Mitch. Since then, Mitch has provided me both with the direction and the motivation to progress much faster than I could have hoped for. As a teacher, he is direct, constructive, and attentive; as a person, he is welcoming and patient. I would recommend Mitch both to beginners and to those needing a push to get to the next level.”

— Charlie Hutchinson

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Mitch Mainville

Mitch Mainville

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